Welcome to Birth Connection

sleepingWe are a private practice that offers in-hospital deliveries at Self Regional Healthcare whether you want to have an all natural birth or epidural anesthesia, we are there to support you. We provide loving and expert care though touch and low technology during this most vulnerable time in the life of a woman and her family. We are committed to bring midwifery care to the Greenwood area.

The antenatal journey is extremely exciting, but can be quite intimidating for first time parents as they have many questions and sometimes concerns about the pregnancy and their labor.  We are able to provide the benefits of midwifery care with the support of an obstetrician if complications arise during the pregnancy.  We offer clients additional education, preparation and emotional support to ensure they feel supported and prepared for their role as parents. We currently work with Dr. Michael Gentry, while offering midwifery services in collaboration with any obstetrician for referral.  Each antenatal visit we will check your blood pressure, your baby’s progress,  and discuss any concerns you may have.  As well as ordering screening tests at some visits, we will provide information about birth, breastfeeding and parenthood.

3087094435_d29bb2b636_z As your nurse midwife, we help alleviate and listen to your concerns so that by the time your baby arrives you feel prepared for your changing role from couple to family while providing a safe environment.